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From great weather to award-winning schools, North County San Diego is our home sweet home. What really makes a community special, though, is neighbors taking care of each other. Our local communities are teeming with medical professionals – from dentists and orthodontists to general physicians and specialists – who live where they work and are dedicated to helping their neighbors stay healthy and happy. With cutting-edge technology, a wealth of experience, and human compassion, they spend each day making a difference. Outside of their offices, they might be cheering next to you on the bleachers, volunteering in the same classroom, or eating at the same restaurant on a Friday night. ZCode’s 2019 Medical and Health Professionals Issue is proud to introduce you to some of these local superstars.


Dr. Kami Hoss Improves the Teeth Straightening Process with Acceledontics™

Company: Acceledontics
Address: Multiple locations in San Diego County
Website: Acceledontics.com
Contact: acceledontics.com/contact/
Phone: 1-866-8-FASTER

thesuperdentist-acceledonticsThe Super Dentists’ Dr. Kami Hoss is transforming the dental experience for children and adults – orthodontics included. Traditional braces typically take years to straighten teeth and can cause decalcification and discomfort. Dr. Kami Hoss decided it was time to modernize braces, so with his team of orthodontists at The Super Dentists, he created Acceledontics™, a revolutionary five-step program designed to give patients a healthy bite and straighter teeth in as little as four months, along with a whiter smile in as little as four minutes. Using exclusive AADvance® braces hardware, Acceledontics™ can effectively correct all orthodontic issues such as rotated teeth, malocclusion (misalignment of upper and lower teeth), and overcrowded teeth. Acceledontics™ also incorporates professional whitening to keep teeth sparkling during and after treatment.

While traditional braces fill the mouth with metal brackets, wires, and elastics to move teeth into alignment, Acceledontics™ AADvance® braces and auxiliary devices are lightweight and self-adjusting, allowing teeth to move into alignment with less pressure. The self-adjustment element also results in a decreased likelihood of damaging teeth and roots.

There are no age limitations for patients to receive Acceledontics™, as long as they qualify for treatment. “Acceledontics™ is best for patients who have their permanent teeth and who enjoy good dental health and good overall health,” Dr. Kami Hoss said. “If a patient meets those criteria, whether they are 10 years old or 80 years old, they are likely to be a good candidate.” The average cost of Acceledontics™ is comparable to traditional braces, but patients complete their treatment in as little as four months, making it the perfect solution for an upcoming event such as prom or a wedding. “With Acceledontics™ you can have straight teeth up to 50 percent faster [than traditional braces],” said Dr. Kami Hoss. “And it will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend in the orthodontist’s chair.”

Patients can make an appointment for Acceledontics™ at four of The Super Dentists locations in San Diego: Carmel Valley, Eastlake, Kearny Mesa, and Oceanside. The Acceledontics™ offices work with almost all dental insurance, along with PPO insurance. For more information go to www.Acceledontics.com.