by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Soul of Photography

Inspired by Sewing

faces_prince1Ten years ago, Laura Prince paired her entrepreneurial passion with her sewing skills to open the doors of Sew Inspired, a boutique sewing studio in Encinitas. A decade later, the studio has taught hundreds of children and adults to sew. Laura invests as much passion into the business as she did from day one. “I love seeing the joy and satisfaction on the face of a new student completing their very first sewing project!” she said.

Laura shares this joy with her daughter, Jasmine, who opened her own “pop-up” shop in the sewing studio. Jasmine’s Banner Co. was born of a project sewing together 8-by-8-inch squares created by students. This grew into an order for a banner for a new baby and then a booth at the farmers market. “And a little business was born,” Laura explained. Four years later, Laura and Jasmine are looking long term. “Our goal is to one day have a thriving sewing factory, so we can hire more young adults with special needs. They have a difficult time finding meaningful employment.”

Names: Laura and Jasmine Prince
Professions: Laura – entrepreneur and designer; Jasmine – seamstress and spokesperson for the Banner Company, proud employee of Trader Joe’s
Hobbies & Interests: Sewing, travel, and country music concerts
Favorite Places to Visit in 92024: Moonlight beach is our go-to spot, and we love eating at In-N-Out and the Crack Shack

faces_prince2The family has first-hand experience with the struggles faced by these young adults – 22-year-old Jasmine has Down syndrome. Laura has been working to create a network of support within the church community. “Last year, I created a missionary outreach called You’re Invited,” she said. Through the outreach, Laura hopes churches will open their arms to serving the needs of this community. “They need more same-age friends, and, because most of these guys and gals cannot drive, they need rides from members of their church family,” Laura shared. “We just need the loving support of an established church to welcome us.”

The rewards of Laura’s work are in the relationships. She watches the excitement of her students and loves when they return to be part-time sewing teachers. At Jasmine’s Banner Co. she sees Jasmine’s pride when interacting with customers. Through the You’re Invited outreach, Laura witnesses the connections of special needs adults to their peer group. “When everyone gets together, the simplicity of conversation and the ‘raw joys’ of life surface,” she explained.

“When everyone gets together, the simplicity of conversation and the ‘raw joys’ of life surface.”

Ten years into a successful business, Laura offers encouragement for other entrepreneurs. “We create a vision and new ways to do things,” she said. “We create jobs and make the world a better place. This is a good thing.”