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Easy and Stress-Free Dental Visits for Your Kids!

adv_4spediatricdentistry_drspencerAs parents, we’re responsible for keeping our children safe and healthy. Sometimes this means tackling pretty difficult situations. Dental visits shouldn’t fall into this category, however. Here are a few tips on keeping visits to the dentist positive – and even fun!

The earlier, the better. Take your child in for their first dental visit by their first birthday. Prevention-based dentistry will lead to a lifetime of easier dental visits.

Keep it simple. Kids are curious about the world around them, including what happens when they visit the dentist. Explain in terms that children will understand. “Counting teeth,” “making your teeth sparkle,” and “checking for sugar bugs” are all fun ways to explain what goes on during a dental visit.

Practice at home. Reading books and setting aside some time to play “dentist” will do wonders for making your little one comfortable while at an actual dental appointment.

Realistic expectations. For many children, the newness of the experience will cause some anxiety. Consistency and positive reinforcement go a long way toward alleviating fears.

Choose your dentist wisely. The pediatric dentist you choose sets the tone for how your child views oral health care. Choose a dentist that is a good fit for both you and your child.

Be positive. How you approach dental visits will have a huge impact on how your child feels about going to the dentist.

Working together, you and your child’s dentist can make a real difference in your child’s oral health, now and in the future!


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