by JENNIFER FRAKES | photo by Soul of Photography

Natural Connection

Piper Lacy and Greg Regan grew up in Encinitas, spending much of their childhoods exploring the natural beauty of the area. The couple attended San Dieguito High School at the same time, but did not get to know one another until they moved to Chico, CA. “We moved back to Encinitas after college and have lived here ever since. We love the wild spaces, canyons, trails, beaches, and local mountains and deserts. These spaces are the continuous thread that weaves from our past here through the present and into the future,” revealed Piper. She and Greg have two children, Lilah and Ariana, who enjoy working with their parents in the garden and restoring the native plant life on their property.

The Regan family’s love of nature and plant life is a deeply embedded part of their lives. Piper and Greg are the owners of Wildcraft Urban, a business that focuses on working with plants through the distillation of hydrosol. According to Piper, hydrosol is the water product of the process of steam distillation that emerges, along with small amounts of essential oil. “Hydrosols are beautiful plant-infused waters that have many uses, and most importantly, serve to help create stronger and deeper connections to the world around us,” explained Piper. They use plants collected from their own gardens, as well as from the properties of friends.



Parents: Greg Holden Regan and Piper Bobo Lacy
Children: Lilah Regan (14) and Ariana Regan (11)
Community: Encinitas
Parents’ Hometowns: Encinitas, CA
Parents’ Occupations: Greg – Artist; Piper – Self-employed at Wildcraft Urban
Pet: Monty – Chihuahua
Favorite Local Spots: Swami’s Beach, Cardiff Campgrounds, Mount Laguna, San Dieguito Park, Annie’s Canyon

In addition to owning Wildcraft Urban, Greg is a visual artist whose mixed media paintings and drawings have been featured in galleries in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Europe. “My art focuses on looking deep into human physicality and energy and exploring how this relates to nature, culture, and the cosmos,” stated Greg. Ariana and Lilah also have a deep appreciation for the arts. Ariana shares a passion for drawing and painting with her father, and Lilah expresses her creativity through acting and performing. Both girls also love music and play piano. In addition, they play soccer, surf, and participate in Junior Lifeguards each summer.

While the family’s roots run deep in Encinitas, they also enjoy spending a great deal of time in Denmark. Piper’s father has lived in Denmark for more than 35 years, and the family visits each year. “We have a whole community of family and friends that virtually mirrors our community in Encinitas,” Piper said. “We consider this a true gift to feel so at home in two places on this beautiful earth.”