Encinitas resident and author Michelle Gable will release her newest novel, The Summer I Met Jack, at a launch event at Warwick’s in La Jolla on May 29. Based on a true story, The Summer I Met Jack imagines John F. Kennedy’s love affair with Alicia Corning Clark, recounting how the Polish refugee arrives in Massachusetts, begins work as a maid for the Kennedy family, and immediately charms Jack. When the two become engaged, Jack’s father forbids the marriage, but Alicia goes on to lead an incredibly colorful life – dating famous actors, athletes, and royalty. She never forgets Jack, though, and their relationship comes full circle on the eve of his inauguration. The novel is romantic, immersive, and meticulously researched.

Michelle is also the author of A Paris Apartment, I’ll See You in Paris, and The Book of Summer. Learn more about Michelle and her work at www.michellegable.com.