by BECCA BARR | photo by Soul of Photography

For Love of the Game


Juan Trevino has a passion for ice hockey. As a child growing up in Michigan, he was obsessed with playing the game. “I was driven to be good and would go public skating as often as possible, including twice on Sunday,” related Juan. “My brother and I played hockey everywhere…the street, the basement, at breakfast. It was a great way to grow up.” He played throughout high school and later played in college at Eastern Michigan University.

“I realize how blessed I am to be in my position and I’m grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.”

Juan and his wife Jenny moved to Encinitas in 2008. He got licensed as a social worker and worked for the San Diego Unified School District in mental health, but hockey still beckoned. He was approached by Todd Cadieux and Hans Richter, who wanted to create a school hockey program at Pacific Ridge School. “Todd had a vision of providing young athletes a platform to play high-level hockey at Pacific Ridge School, and who wouldn’t have to give up both academics and their social life to do it,” said Juan. At the same time, the Anaheim Ducks were building the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League (ADHSHL), the first all-high school hockey league. The Anaheim Ducks Junior Ducks Tier club program made the high school league competitive. Today there are 19 Pacific Ridge student who play on the hockey team. Moving into the 2018/19 season they hope to have as many as 23 players.


It’s not just about playing competitive hockey – members of the club are giving back to the community. Club captain and senior Isaiah Granet started a program called the San Diego Chill, which is a special needs ice hockey team dedicated to helping kids with developmental disabilities.

“I’m also really proud of our boys because they’ve paved the way for the classes of hockey players behind them. They’re helping others see just how important it is to learn and utilize other skills besides hockey and are on their way to living a purposeful life,” shared Juan. “The culture our players have created at school has spread and we’re at the point where other student athletes want to be a part of the program and are applying from all around the county. It’s exciting times.”

Juan lives in Cardiff with his wife and two young daughters, Emmy and Frankie. When not coaching hockey he can be found playing softball, going to the beach, listening to music, and having epic dance parties with his family. “I realize how blessed I am to be in my position and I’m grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.”


Name: Juan Trevino
Community: Encinitas
Profession: Student Support Specialist and hockey coach at Pacific Ridge School
Family: Wife – Jenny; daughters – Emmy (9) and Frankie (5)
Hobbies & Interests: Hockey, spending time with family, boxing, singing
Favorite Local Spots: East Coast Pizza, Lost Abbey, the community pool, and the beach