Helping Moms Breastfeed Better

Team Tongue Tie Paves the Way for a Better Breastfeeding Experience


For moms who are struggling to breastfeed, Team Tongue Tie is here to help. When breastfeeding becomes an issue, there is often restrictive tissue in the baby’s mouth (tongue or lip ties) that prevents a proper latch. “It should not be painful or frustrating for mom or baby to breastfeed,” said Alisa Sacker, M.D. “We are focusing on making the breastfeeding experience for moms and babies better.”


Dr. Alisa Sacker, Dr. Rosanne Berger, and Rachel Beaubier, RN, IBCLC, make up the team in Team Tongue Tie. They have all experienced issues with a tongue tie in one way or another. After watching her daughter get her lip tie removed by laser, Dr. Sacker discovered that this was by far the best way to treat the condition. She pushed to get the laser procedure approved at Kaiser Permanente, where she worked as a pediatrician for 22 years. After performing hundreds of frenectomy procedures, she decided it was time to open a private practice with her sister, Dr. Berger, who, as a dentist, has had a career spanning more than 17 years focusing on the care of children. “We wanted to be able to expand our care with a more multidisciplinary approach focused on better pain control, better follow-up and caring with consistent lactation support,” they shared.

Team Tongue Tie now treats a multitude of conditions using a state-of-the-art CO2 laser for frenectomies and other procedures. They also use a MedX Oralase Cold laser for alleviating pain, decreasing inflammation, and promoting healing. The Team Tongue Tie practice also treats children with feeding, dental, and speech issues; adults with TMJ, neck pain, and dental issues related to tongue and lip ties. Team Tongue Tie also schedules office visits for general pediatric procedures. Team Tongue Tie has onsite lactation support and occupational therapy care in a comfortable, friendly environment. Families will be able to register online, ask questions, and contact the team directly for information or to schedule appointments. Dr. Sacker confirmed, “We are the only office of this kind in Southern California!”



Name of Business: Team Tongue Tie, Inc.
Owners: Alisa Sacker, MD; Rosanne Berger, DDS; Rachel Beaubier, RN, IBCLC
Years in Position: Dr. Sacker has been a pediatrician for over 20 years; Dr. Berger has been treating children in dentistry for over 17 years; Rachel Beaubier has been practicing as a lactation consultant for more than 4 years.
Year of Establishment: 2017
Address: 12625 High Bluff Dr., Suite 313, San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 858-480-9454
Description of Business: Team Tongue Tie is a specialized pediatric practice focusing on CO2 laser frenectomies for treatment of tongue and lip ties in babies, children, and adults.