by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Soul of Photography

In the Creative Zone


Spreading her message to create without worry, DD Garth is on a mission to encourage people to exercise their creative muscles. She goes by her artist name D4bblz, pronounced “Dabbles,” hoping to inspire others to try dabbling in art.

An Encinitas resident and self-taught artist, DD realized that people shut themselves off from their creative potential. So, she started Dabble events in her backyard. The events combine an art show, a lineup of DJs, and an art cart that includes supplies from coloring books to acrylics. “The music encourages a relaxed environment and loosens up the unnecessary creative tension,” DD explained. “The guests are encouraged to use whatever they want from the cart. They could sit up front next to the DJ booth and get comfortable while they draw, or they can stay back and use an easel and a canvas to create a masterpiece.” DD will soon be expanding her Dabble events to local bars, cafes, and other art studios.


Her big goal is to open Dabble Art Gym, a fully stocked art studio space for people to rent, as well as host classes and events. “It would be similar to a normal gym in the sense that it would have available tools that allow you to become stronger,” DD explained. “In this case the tools are the art supplies, and you are strengthening your artistic techniques.” She wants people to experience the enjoyment and fall in love with the creative process. “It’s an indescribable feeling
when you get ‘in the zone.’ It really comforts the soul.”

DD’s other passion is animals. She graduated from UCLA in 2014 with a degree in environmental science, with the goal of becoming a veterinarian. While she is no longer pursuing veterinary school, DD still gets her animal fix working as a veterinary assistant and pet sitter. Balancing her work schedule with her art is a challenge and another inspiration for Dabble Art Gym. One of DD’s greatest challenges is making the time to sit down to paint and have all the supplies available. “I want people to not have to plan anything out and just have all the art supplies they need ready for them,” she said. “There shouldn’t be any challenges when it comes to dabbling.”

She’s happy with where dabbling has taken her thus far. “I honestly am loving my life,” DD acknowledged. “I get to enjoy my first passion and work with animals every day, and pursue my new passions of dabbling and getting people to create with me.”


Name: Dadiva “DD” Garth
Profession: Veterinary Assistant
Community: Encinitas
Family: I am half Brazilian – my mom is from Brazil. I have an older sister, Pattie, and a younger brother and sister who are twins, Eric and Erica
Hobbies & Interests: I’ve recently been learning how to golf and loving it! I used to play field hockey way back in high school, so I’m still trying to ween off that hockey shot, though! I also love to read. I am currently juggling between three books right now, it’s so difficult to pick just one.
Favorite Places to Visit in 92024: Moonlight Beach. I used to work at the Snack Shack there so it’s home to me. It is also very close to where I work. I’ve also recently been getting into mediation and love the Self-Realization Temple. The Encinitas Library is also a favorite of mine. If I ever have a lot of work to do I like to bring it there and sit at one of the tables with the ocean view. Basically anywhere that is relaxing and has an ocean view seems to be a theme of mine, it’s just too gorgeous here!