Universal Learning

SOUL Charter School Equips Students to Thrive in All Areas of Life

When educators Marisa Fogelman, Michael Grimes, and Wendy Kaveney collectively realized that they were operating in an outdated model of education, they took matters into their own hands. SOUL Charter School was carefully developed by this founding team and officially opened its doors to seventh and ninth graders this year. “We are the first charter school approved by the San Diego County Office of Education in 15 years and the first charter school ever approved to open within the San Dieguito Union High School District boundaries,” shared Michael.

SOUL stands for School Of Universal Learning, a holistic approach to education that teaches equally to all parts of a student’s being – mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, and personally. “We have innovated every aspect of the school day in order to meet the needs of today’s students in today’s world,” Marisa said. First and foremost, SOUL offers a conscious and intentional school culture in which students feel safe and free to be their authentic selves. One of the ways students develop an understanding of all aspects of themselves is through SOUL’s Integra program, rooted in the Latin word meaning “entire, complete, and whole.” Students take Integra three times each day – in the morning to get grounded, focused, and prepared; at the end of the day to reflect and celebrate successes; and midday in accordance with the daily building block such as Mental Power Monday and Emotional Intelligence Tuesday. “The goal of this program is to connect students with their life passions and purpose,” explained Michael. “We then work with students to give them the tools and skills they need to create the life of their dreams.”


In addition to Integra, the SOUL experience includes an entrepreneurial track, conscious meal time, Essential Life Education courses, and RAREE Explorations, which encompass all A-G required courses taught through a series of nine-week explorations that are engaging, experiential, and applicable. Class sizes are small to allow for individualized attention. The school also offers a shadow program, where prospective students can spend a day on campus and get a feel for the SOUL culture.

While SOUL currently serves only seventh and ninth grades, the school will continue to grow vertically. Next year SOUL will serve students in seventh through 10th grades, the following year grades seven through 11 will be offered, and by year four, the school will be fully built out to include grades seven through 12. “A parent that recognizes that our current system of education is failing their child on so many levels will run to SOUL,” Marisa said. “At SOUL, we provide exceptional education that awakens students to know who they are, discover their passions and purpose, and thrive holistically to achieve both mental and life mastery. That is our mission. You won’t find a similar mission at any other school.”



Name of Business: SOUL Charter School
Co-Directors: Marisa Fogelman and Michael Grimes
Year of Establishment: 2017
Address: 533 Lomas Santa Fe Dr. Solana Beach, CA, 92075
Phone: 858-345-1888
Description of Business: Middle and high public charter school