by BECCA BARR | photo by Jessica Breaux

Generation to Generation

faces_abramson2When Nellie Tucker created her English Toffee recipe in the late 1800s to feed the gold miners in the Colorado mining towns of Cripple Creek, Leadville, and Black Hawk, she never would have imagined that her great-grandson, Luke Abramson, would continue the tradition. But over 100 years later, he is doing just that! Having enjoyed this tasty treat as a young boy, Luke said, “I wanted to carry on this family recipe and share it with the world.”

The result is his company, Mother Tucker’s Toffee. Luke started by making the original almond toffee recipe for friends and family, but soon created new flavors such as pistachio, coffee, and sea salt. His sales started at local farmers markets and craft fairs and continued online with the launch of his website. Luke loves to do extensive research on innovative ideas for his company, and recently introduced a brand-new product, gourmet almond toffee popcorn.

Not only does Luke make delicious toffee products, but he gives back as well. He donates 10 percent of all sales to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. “I have a family member who has MS,” Luke explained, “and want to do my part to help towards the successful eradication of this disease.”

Name: Lucas Tucker Abramson
Community: Encinitas
Profession: Business Owner
Family: Mom, dad, and brother
Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, cooking, photography
Favorite Local Spots: Cardiff Beach, Dog Beach, Spooks Canyon for hiking

Name: Mother Tucker’s Toffee
Years Founded: 1897/2013
Mission: To be the best handcrafted toffee company in the USA by having quality products at a fair price


Luke has lived in Encinitas his entire life, and is a graduate of La Costa Canyon High School. He plans on attending culinary school in order to increase his knowledge of the food industry. When not making the toffee in his commercial kitchen located in Vista, Luke enjoys cooking, traveling, photography, walking his dogs, and going to the beach.

Mother Tucker’s Toffee is currently available at the Seaside Cardiff Market, University of California San Diego Sunshine Market, and Harvest Ranch Market. Additionally, the company has many corporate accounts that give the delectable treats to their valued clients, vendors, and employees. Luke hopes to be on the shelves of other retail and specialty stores one day. And, of course, all products can be ordered online.

Luke loves being an entrepreneur. “It allows me the flexibility to maintain the control of the quality of my products,” he said. It is a successful path, indeed – and a scrumptious one. “It is important to push yourself to build the best product or service,” stated Luke, “and sell it as effectively as possible. Never give up.” His great-grandmother would agree!