by LINDA FRABL | photo by Soul of Photography

Lifelong Learners

As new transplants to Encinitas from their former Mission Trails neighborhood, the Grooms have finally found what they have always been looking for in a community. Mom Krissy proclaimed, “We love so many things about living here – the delicious healthy restaurants, the cool ocean breeze, the laid-back beachy vibe, and how pet-friendly it is. San Diego can feel pretty fast-paced but Encinitas has a slower, more intentional feel to it which resonates with our family’s lifestyle.”

One of the main reasons this family appreciates Encinitas is because of its close proximity to SOUL Charter School in Solana Beach, the new educational facility daughters Kelsey (15) and Chloe (13) attend. Krissy explained, “I’m passionate about innovative ideas and progressive education. We have explored many different educational philosophies and programs from our local neighborhood public school to unschooling, Waldorf, Montessori, farm school, and blended learning. SOUL Charter School feels like a perfect blend of projects, rigor, and teaching to the whole being, including the social, mental, and emotional aspects of the human experience.”

Parent: Krissy Groom
Children: Kelsey (15) and Chloe (13)
Community: Encinitas
Parent’s Hometown: Detroit, MI
Parent’s Occupation: Full-time mom and graduate student studying computer science
Pets: Three cats named Wesley, Oscar, and Oliver
Favorite Places to Visit in Encinitas: GOODONYA, 2Good2B Bakery, Healthy Creations, Soulscape, Swami’s, and Moonlight Beach

A self-professed “lifelong learner,” Krissy is a stay-at-home mom finishing up her graduate degree in computer science. She revealed, “I am passionate about women in technology, feminine leadership, authentic community, conflict, and intimacy,” she revealed. “As a family, we are big advocates of programs that support women’s healing journeys and are supporters of a few amazing organizations including Women for Women and Shakti Rising in San Diego.”

The Groom daughters relish their fun, varied interests. Kelsey is a talented writer, and plays the electric guitar in the School of Rock in San Diego. Chloe is a budding animator passionate about anime, manga, and Japanese animated films, and she collects everything Harry Potter. In addition, for the past two years both daughters participated in an all-girl robotics team through the Elementary Institute of Science in San Diego, and they even won the best rookie team title!

“As a family, we are big advocates of programs that support women’s healing journeys.”

In their downtime, the Grooms indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Krissy elaborated, “We are a family full of introverts so our favorite activities are going to the bookstore, the movies, and the beach in the late afternoons, as well as doing crossword puzzles and listening to musical theater soundtracks while belting out our favorite parts. Most of all, we just love sharing time doing anything or nothing together!”