by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Soul of Photography

Pushing Her Limits

student_weaber2Sydney Weaber has been playing soccer since the age of four but, interestingly enough, had never had an interest in running. After listening to the morning announcements about fall sports at school, Sydney was inspired to try out for cross country. It was there that she met Coach Robin Missailidis, founder of the Junior Mavericks Running Club. After a successful seventh and eighth grade experience, Coach Missailidis wanted her to go to Mt. SAC, one of the hardest cross country courses in the country, and race for the Junior Mavericks. “I ran the full course with all three hills,” Sydney confirmed. “It was very challenging, but fun. I also got to the second round of Junior Olympics trials for eighth grade track and cross country for Junior Mavericks.” The sense of accomplishment she feels through racing is amazing where, win or lose, it is a sport that rewards hard work and extra effort.

Name: Sydney Weaber (14)
School: La Costa Canyon High School
Grade: 9
Parents: Loretta Shannon and Matt Weaber
Sibling: Grace Weaber
Favorite Place in Encinitas: Pipes Beach in Cardiff

Now a freshman at La Costa Canyon High School (LCC), Sydney is doing cross country, track and field, and possibly competing on the LCC girl’s soccer team (she is in her fourth year on a competitive squad, playing goalie for the E3 Encinitas Express team). In school, her favorite subjects are English and Imaging, which is a photography class. “I love to read and write, and, even though I am still learning photography,” she smiled, “I love to take pictures.” She also creates charms and figurines of polymer clay, a type of clay that hardens when heated in the oven. Sydney is excited about meeting new people, making new friends, exploring new interests, excelling at sports and academics, and enjoying her high school experience.

“My parents always encourage me to be myself, do what I love, and just be the best overall person you can be.”

student_weaber3Sydney finds inspiration from her coaches and parents. Her middle school running coach, Robin, pushed her to be a better runner, and taught her much about running and life in the two short years she got to work with her. “My current cross-country coach, Bill Vice, has really helped me to see what I can do in high school cross country and has inspired me to push myself to and beyond my limits.” Her parents top the list, though. “My parents are a huge inspiration to me because of how strong they are and they always encourage me to be myself, do what I love, and just be the best overall person you can be.” Sydney Weaber is going the extra mile as our Encinitas student star.