In partnership with Wings of Rescue and other shelters, Encinitas’ Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) has accepted 78 dogs and cats from areas affected by recent natural disasters.The third Wings of Rescue flight carrying approximately 40 dogs arrived in San Diego from Lafayette, LA on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

“The pets we get are indirect victims,” said RCHS Public Relations Director John Van Zante. “We’re not getting the direct flood or hurricane victims who were lost, strayed, or abandoned. We’re getting pets that were already in shelters and available for adoption before the disasters. This creates room for the direct victims who need housing and an opportunity for their families to reclaim them when they’re able to.”

With the influx of animals coming to Encinitas, RCHS needs the community’s help. “RCHS always needs in-home foster care providers,” Van Zante said. “The need is even greater now with the Harvey dogs, the beginning of the Irma dogs and cats, and the possibility of even more from Hurricane Jose, Puerto Rico, and Mexico City.”

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