by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Building Memories

family_simmons1Nathan and Michelle Simmons grew up mere blocks from one another in the Village Park area of Encinitas – they even attended all the same schools. However, this local couple did not meet until 2006. “We met at Moonlight Beach when I noticed Nathan playing Frisbee with some mutual friends. Nathan came up to introduce himself to me and shake my hand. I went in for a hug. That awkward handshake/hug was the start of our relationship,” related Michelle with a chuckle. Moonlight Beach was also where Nathan proposed to Michelle and where they now enjoy taking their two-year-old son Quintin to play.


The Village Park community is not only where Nathan and Michelle grew up, but it is also where they are currently living and raising their young family. “Living in Nathan’s childhood home has allowed us to stay in the neighborhood we both grew up in and created a foundation for us to build our own memories as a growing family. While we have made many changes to the home in the last few years, it still holds so many happy memories of Nathan’s childhood,” revealed Michelle. Nathan’s father also lives with them, and Michelle’s brother, mother, and father live two blocks away, in the home where Michelle grew up. Their ties to the community do not end there. Nathan is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Encinitas specializing in treating children, teens, and their families. Michelle is a full-time hair stylist at The Parlour Salon and also works part-time as a dental hygienist.


Parents: Nathan and Michelle Simmons
Child: Quintin (2)
Community: Village Park
Hometowns: Village Park, Encinitas
Occupations: Nathan – Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Michelle – Licensed Hairstylist and Dental Hygienist
Pet: Dog – Kaia (8)
Favorite Places to Visit in Encinitas: Moonlight Beach, Highway 101, Sunshine Gardens, VG Donuts, El Nopalito, LA Fitness, Cycology Fitness, and any of the numerous parks and green belts

Although both Nathan and Michelle are San Diego natives, their loyalty when it comes to football teams resides with the New England Patriots. “Nathan is a diehard Patriots fan and has been since a young age. Both Quintin and I are fans too, and we have even visited Boston to watch the Patriots play,” stated Michelle.


As a family, the Simmonses enjoys traveling, working out, going to the beach, walking their dog, and having friends and family over for dinner. “Currently, Quintin’s favorite activity is making his monster trucks do wheelies, donuts, and backflips,” laughed Michelle. “He also loves to swim, go to Legoland, and play at our local community parks,” she added. Nathan and Michelle are thrilled to be raising Quintin in a neighborhood they know and love – surrounded by family and longtime neighbors and friends.