by LIZ ONUFER | photos provided by Foot Solutions

One Step At A Time

Foot Solutions Encinitas Serves Every Customer With a Custom Plan and the Perfect Fit

Since 2001, Foot Solutions Encinitas has been helping people improve their quality of life one pair of shoes at a time. Whether it’s relieving foot pain or seeking improved sport performance, Foot Solutions specializes in providing expert individualized attention alongside a wide selection of orthopedically correct stylish footwear.

mp_footsolutions3The staff at Foot Solutions understands that individual feet require individual attention and prioritize personal service. “We provide customized solutions to help people enjoy relief from pain as well as greater energy and better health,” explained Bijan Matin, the store owner and manager. A first visit to Foot Solutions includes a free holistic foot analysis by the experts to craft a personalized foot care plan. In addition to the foot analysis, “We also get to know about each customer’s overall health and lifestyle and their goals – whether they include getting or staying fit, having more energy for recreation, not being exhausted, or living without pain,” Bijan said.

“We also get to know about each customer’s overall health and lifestyle and their goals.”

mp_footsolutions2Pairing function with fashion, the store offers a wide selection of footwear for activities from work and dress to fitness and recreation. “A properly-fitted, supportive shoe – combined with the appropriate foot supports – can put your feet in balance, relieve pain, increase comfort, strengthen posture, and improve the alignment of the entire body,” Bijan said. The staff helps customers choose the best fit from their personalized foot care plan.

Footwear Solutions serves a diverse clientele, from those who work on their feet all day to fitness enthusiasts. The right footwear can be used as a “preventative measure for the body and feet or be a great tool for enhancing sports performance,” acknowledged Bijan.

With expert staff and one-on-one care, Foot Solutions is improving lives one step at a time. “We want to be the store you visit to learn about helping cure foot ailments and also learn how to prevent them,” Bijan said.



Business: Foot Solutions
Owner: Bijan Matin and Roueida Matin
Manager: Bijan Matin
Years in Position: Since 2016
Year of Establishment: 2001 (Foot Solutions Encinitas)
Address: 1347 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-634-1600
Description of Business: Foot Solutions offers pain relief and wellness through a personalized holistic foot analysis with foot support and high-quality, comfort footwear for work, dress, and play that are both functional and fashionable.