by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Soul of Photography

A New Chapter


Cousins Greg Bishop and Elizabeth Fletcher have a lot more in common than their family tree. About a year ago, the duo recognized their mutual passion for family and business, and so they decided to collaborate on a children’s book series. “I’ve wanted to illustrate a children’s book for a long time,” shared Greg. Elizabeth added, “I discovered that there was a big need in the children’s book market so I decided to pursue writing.”

Name: Elizabeth Fletcher
Profession: Author/Entrepreneur
Community: Leucadia
Hobbies: Running, hiking, reading, travel
Favorite Spots in 92024: San Diego Botanic Garden (got married there!), Meditation Gardens, Moonlight Beach, Encinitas Library (often visit for the view alone), Leucadia Farmers Market, La Paloma Theater, 3rd Corner, The Bier Garden, Solterra Winery, Encinitas Ale House

Name: Greg Bishop
Profession: Veterinarian
Community: Leucadia
Hobbies: Surfing, drawing, animals, reading
Favorite Spots in 92024: Boneyards, Encinitas Community Dog Park, Moto Deli, Moonlight Beach


faces_bishopfletcher3Together, Greg and Elizabeth developed a book series that features a brave young elephant named Louie who overcomes his fears. “As a new mom, I started to realize how many transitional phases children go through in their early years,” Elizabeth noted. “These phases were often daunting and difficult and I wanted to make them fun while emphasizing the importance of being brave and trying new things.”

Greg, who attended University of California, Davis, is a veterinarian at Coastal Animal Hospital in Leucadia. “I have practiced veterinary medicine in New York, Oregon, and San Diego,” shared Greg. “Last year, I had a scientific paper published about a rhino at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.” Greg has lived in Encinitas for two years with his wife Erin and two loveable dogs. “Greg loves Encinitas for its easy-going vibes, art, food, and proximity to the beach. “I love to surf, spend time in the water, draw and paint, read, walk the dogs with my wife, and travel,” he shared.

faces_bishopfletcher2Elizabeth graduated from University of San Francisco and worked up north for several years before realizing she wanted to move back to San Diego and explore her entrepreneurial side. “My husband and I both left our comfortable, corporate jobs to pursue our dreams…and oh what a journey it’s been!” exclaimed Elizabeth. She and her husband Aaron have been living in Leucadia for about five years now, where they are raising daughter Madison, 5, son Owen, 3, and soon-to-be baby number three. “Watching them grow within this amazing community has been such a blessing,” said Elizabeth. In her downtime, Elizabeth enjoys hiking, running, traveling, reading, and spending time with family.

Greg and Elizabeth are passionate about this new endeavor and excited for what the future holds. “Creating a character is so exciting,” said Greg. “My sketchbook is filled with little elephant drawings and it was amazing to see Louie take shape.” Elizabeth added, “My favorite thing about what I do is inspiring children. I believe that building confidence starts at a very young age and I want all children to know that they already have the strength and courage within, they just need to embrace it.”


faces_bishopfletcher4The cousins have completed two books in the series so far, with plans to publish more. “A Big Kid Bed is Coming is out now and we have our second book, I Can’t Eat this Stuff at the printing press as we speak. I’m currently writing our third book about potty training,” explained Elizabeth. “Having an idea and seeing it come to fruition is the most amazing feeling!”