by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Soul of Photography

A Slice of Paradise

family_hambarian2Surfing, golfing, camping: just a handful of outdoor activities that Josh and Julie Hambarian enjoy doing together. So when the couple moved to coastal Encinitas in 2008, they never looked back. “We got engaged on the bluff at North El Portal right next to the first place we lived together on Neptune,” recalled Julie, “and then we married there too!”

Before they started their life together in 92024, Josh, originally from Trabuco Canyon, and Julie from Cypress, met during a very serendipitous encounter. “I was working at a clothing boutique in Newport Beach and Josh was taking his grandma to get her nails done at the salon next door,” reminisced Julie. “He walked in and we talked. He said goodbye, but he came back in and asked if he could take me out!”

family_hambarian6 family_hambarian5 family_hambarian4

Parents: Josh and Julie Hambarian
Children: Hendrix (4) and Vaughn (1)
Community: Leucadia
Hometowns: Josh – Trabuco Canyon, CA; Julie – Cypress, CA
Occupations: Julie – Real estate broker; Josh – Realtor of Stone Steps Realty Group at Steele Realty
Pets: Chubbs – English Bulldog, Bill – sulcata tortoise; Touche – California desert tortoise, Gnarly – Asian box turtle (thanks Ed and Donna!); chickens – Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Sharon Stone, Reba, and Chickie


“We are so happy and fortunate to be a part of this community.”

family_hambarian7That was over 10 years ago. Today, the couple has two young children: four-year-old Hendrix and one-year-old Vaughn. “Hendrix won’t let me cut his hair because he wants it to look like Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters are his favorite,” shared Julie. “Vaughn likes to crawl all over the place and do his dance, ‘The Vaughn,’ to good tunes!”

The family can often be found frequenting their favorite Encinitas spots. “We are at Las Olas every Sunday for family breakfast,” said Julie. “We are always at the annual Stone Steps Longboard Contest. We adopted the beach and do several cleanups throughout the year.”

With a passion for the beach, it’s no wonder that Josh has taken an interest in shaping surfboards. “Josh has hand-shaped about 70 surfboards,” described Julie. “So he’s learned to respect ‘real’ shapers and their craft.”


family_hambarian8Apart from spending time at the beach, Julie and Josh both work in real estate. “We like to help people become financially free through long-term real estate investment,” said the couple.

The Hambarians couldn’t be happier in the seaside neighborhood of Leucadia. “We are so happy and fortunate to be a part of this community. We have so much respect for the people that came before us that make this community so special,” gushed the Hambarians. “We love the people and sense of community, the waves and beaches, as well as knowing that our kids will go to school and grow up here in this little slice of paradise.”