by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Soul of Photography

Heart and Hustle

faces_robinson3If Ash Robinson could pinpoint the one thing she enjoys most about her 13 years in Encinitas, her answer would be: the people. “From entrepreneurs in the for-benefit companies and local business owners to the families who enjoy spending time outdoors,” she smiled. “Encinitas is a magnet for incredible people.” With her husband Julio, four-year-old Luka, and one-year-old Zivi, Ash joins the community as it buzzes with energy and possibility.

Ash’s entrepreneurial spirit has flourished for some time, beginning with a small franchise company in Solana Beach that she created and ran throughout her twenties, before selling it to a public company on the East Coast. Spending five years as an executive, Ash had the opportunity to learn and grow from the energy of New York City and her experience with remarkable colleagues, board members, and advisors.

Name: Ash Robinson
Profession: CEO at FIT4MOM
Community: Encinitas Highlands
Hobbies: Using business as a force for good, hiking and anything outdoors, music, art, community-building
Favorite Spots in 92024: Swami’s Beach at sunset, Ironsmith Coffee Roasters, GOODONYA, Encinitas Library, and all the parks!

faces_robinson2Ash now serves as CEO at FIT4MOM, bringing exercise and support to moms all around the country. This for her is a “dream gig” right at the intersection of her passion and expertise. She’s also on the board of Heart of Leadership, a 501(c)(3) organization created to help young women develop their natural leadership abilities. “I come from a family of entrepreneurs and had started my first company at 22 years old,” Ash said, “so I really have a heart for the creators and entrepreneurs who see and do things differently, and especially the amazing ones who do it all with quality and credibility.”

Ash’s goal for this year is to be present, fully aware, and immersed in each role she undertakes as a mother, a partner, and as a CEO. Of her long-term goals, Ash shared, “I’d love to be known for my strong and loving relationships and living a values-driven life.” Her advice to other young women looking to be entrepreneurs is to cultivate both heart and hustle, creating a little space in their mornings for a deeper connection to their nature and intuition.

Ash cultivates her own intuition through this fun fact: she loves to dance, whether seeing live music or rocking out in the car with her kiddos. “If you see me cruising through town with some awkward car dancing moves,” she laughed, “pretend you didn’t see it…or join in the fun!”