by LINDA FRABL | photos provided by ZMK Construction

Tradition with Innovation

ZMK Construction Creates Intimate Living Spaces That Open People’s Hearts


At ZMK Construction Inc., founder Michel Khozam and his team provide home building and remodeling projects that are not only functional, but also have a magic ingredient. Michel explained, “We practice our craft not to add ordinary houses to a market flooded with structures that are mundane and soulless, but to create intimate living spaces that open people’s hearts. Whether it’s a home, an office, or a church, we make ‘human’ spaces where people can gather without their spirits becoming dulled.”

It was his passion for repairing and preserving vintage homes that prompted Michel to delve full-time into the home construction business in 2004. Even though his father and grandfather were construction builders, Michel instead became a systems engineer for 13 years prior to his founding ZMK. During his former job, Michel recalled, “I was purchasing vintage-yet-dilapidated homes, and I’d spend all my free time revitalizing and restoring them to their former glory.”


Now his company specializes in the historic preservation of aging homes and buildings, in addition to modern building architecture. Michel professed, “Our ZMK team combines tradition with innovation seamlessly to create living history – places that are both old and new at the same time. We use building forensics to determine the causes of deterioration, and we will help with preservation planning and costing.”

The mission statement at ZMK is to leave something behind that will be admired for its beauty and enjoyed for many generations, and the company’s aim is to construct perfection with regards to creativity and delivery. Michel is heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, especially his quote, “If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.” Michel acknowledged, “We’re attentive to the impact of a living space on a client’s life. We know you want a new and modern feel to your home or building, as well as a traditionally-influenced design constructed of quality materials for lasting style.”


So whether you’re interested in a high-end luxury remodel or a brand new home construction, ZMK not only offers the highest quality of workmanship, but also encourages customer input. Michel maintained, “We always stand fully behind our work and are never happy until you are satisfied. We address your concerns while the work is being done, and it’s finished when you get what you expected.”


Business: ZMK Construction Inc.
Owner: Michel Khozam
Year of Establishment: 2004
Address: 1835 A S. Centre City Pkwy #109
Phone: 619-654-9419
Business Description: Luxury home builder and remodeler. Our other specialty is historic preservation and restoration of vintage homes and commercial buildings.