by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Soul of Photography

Superstar Sisters

Although the Wendel sisters, Megan and Rose, are five years apart in age, they are very close. The reason, perhaps, is that they share many similar interests. For instance, both Megan and Rose enjoy athletics and play tennis, softball, basketball, and soccer. They both also enjoy putting on bake sales and being social. “The girls like to have sleepovers with their friends,” shared their mother, Gretchen Wendel.


The sisters also share a passion for studying math at their school, Capri Elementary in Encinitas, where Megan, 12,  is in sixth grade and Rose, 7, is a second grader. “Megan likes math because it comes easy to her,” said Gretchen. “Rose likes math because they are counting money right now.”

Names: Megan (11) and Rose Wendel (7)
School: Capri Elementary School
Grades: Megan – 6th; Rose – 2nd
Parents: Gretchen and Hal Wendel
Sibling: Clayton (14)
Favorite Spots in 92024: The tire swing in Encinitas Ranch, Las Verdes Park, Moonlight Beach, and Target


The Wendel family – which includes Megan, Rose, parents Gretchen and Hal, older brother Clayton, and several pets – has lived in Encinitas for about 15 years. “Both Megan and Rose enjoy the friends they have made in Encinitas,” shared Gretchen. “We love Encinitas!” The Wendel girls enjoy hiking Encinitas Ranch and making frequent visits to their favorite Encinitas spots: Las Verdes Park, Moonlight Beach, and, of course, Target.

One of Megan and Rose’s favorite memories together is going to Michigan this past fall to visit their grandparents. “They were jumping in the fall leaves together and hitting all of the cider mills to sample caramel apples,” Gretchen recalled. One of their funniest memories was the time their luggage flew off the top of their car while on a road trip to San Francisco. Since everything was gone with the wind, the girls had to buy all new clothes at Walmart on the way.

“Both Megan and Rose enjoy the friends they have made in Encinitas.”


Aside from sports, school, and making friends, both girls are involved in volunteering. Rose does so with her Brownie Troop at school and Megan volunteers as a counselor at her church during the summer. While their passions differ slightly – Megan is passionate about sales and Rose is passionate about reading and playing sports – the Wendel sisters are equally ambitious about their future plans. “Rose wants to be a lawyer,” shared Gretchen. “Megan wants to go into sales, be a lawyer, doctor, or maybe the president.”