cm_oceanknoll2Ocean Knoll Elementary School was one of 20 elementary schools in the country to receive a Champion Creatively Alive Children grant from Crayola for the 2016-2017 school year. The $3,500 grant will be used to initiate an art-infused education program to implement Common Core standards for art. “Common Core art allows for the students to contemplate reasons why they are making art, who the work is for, and how their work is intended to be understood,” said Beth Thomas-Granger, Ocean Knoll Art Coordinator. “By fully integrating art into other academic subjects, students will have the opportunity to translate what they have learned into a visual expression.”

The new program will use art to explore social justice issues, encouraging both students and teachers to consider the power of art to persuade, build awareness, and inspire activism. The program will also serve as a model for teachers to further integrate visual arts into classroom teaching.