The City of Encinitas recently received a proposal from the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project to fund, create, install, and maintain a glass mosaic mural on the new Marine Safety Center at Moonlight Beach. The artwork would depict ocean life in Encinitas and cover an entire northwest-facing 15-by-8-foot concrete wall. “The use of art such as this is a profound way of educating the community on the fragility and beauty of our local ecosystems while adding value to Moonlight Beach and the community,” said Surfing Madonna Oceans Project Founder and President Bob Nichols. Construction on the Marine Safety Center begins this October and is expected to be completed by Memorial Day next year.

The artist team consists of Scott Walt, Peggy Sue Florio Zepeda, and Mark Patterson. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is an Encinitas-based nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the community together to save the ocean and protect the coastline. Learn more at