by LIZ ONUFER | photo provided by Massage Heights

Elevating the Everyday

Massage Heights’ Treatments Promote a Healthy Lifestyle That Goes Beyond Just Feeling Good

Today’s self-care advice often focuses on mindfulness, fitness, sleep, and healthy eating. But Massage Heights would like to introduce another key component of self-care – massages and facials. Not just a once-a-year occasion or luxury, massages and facials have excellent health benefits and can be an integral part of a wellness routine. “Elevating the everyday” is the mantra at Massage Heights.

Six years ago, Massage Heights opened “to offer an affordable and convenient lifestyle program for our guests,” Retreat Director Gabrielle Pangilinan explained. The focus on customized treatments and exceeding expectations is at the core of their practice. “What sets us apart from other places is our hospitality,” Gabrielle acknowledged. “From our front desk to our therapists and skin therapist, we love to get to know each and every one of our guests and welcome them into our ‘home.’”

Customizing every treatment begins with a client consultation prior to every service. With 20 therapists, all experienced and licensed, a wide variety of modalities are offered to ensure the best treatment is selected.

“Massages and facials have excellent health benefits and can be an integral part of a wellness routine.”

The outcomes of the individual treatments go far beyond feeling good. “Receiving massages on a regular basis definitely has its benefits, such as better circulation, range of motion, and can help alleviate anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia, and stress,” Gabrielle said. Facials are also an important part of a skin care routine. “Facials are very beneficial because our skin cell turnover is normally every 28 days, but as we get older, it lessens,” she explained.

Massage Heights is open seven days a week and Gabrielle encouraged, “Stop by and any of our lifestyle consultants will be able to answer all your questions, give you an overview of what to expect, and make you as comfortable as possible.” 92024 Magazine readers who mention the magazine are offered a free “elevation” on their next visit.

Strengthening a self-care routine means taking a “time-out” from busy schedules. “Our goal is to remind our guests why they should take time for themselves,” Gabrielle shared. “We want to be the place where you can go escape and de-stress from life for an hour or two and get our minds back to a positive place.”


Business: Massage Heights
Years in Operation: 6
Address: 111 N El Camino Real Suite F, Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-479-0216
Description of Business: Massage Heights offers professional, affordable, and convenient lifestyle programs.