Joyful Inspiration

x_artistdaniella3Even though artist Daniella Manini originally hails from Peru, living in Encinitas for 11 years gave her great inspiration. “I loved every minute of it,” she said. When Daniella moved to California, she started to develop her own artistic style, shifting her career in the direction of fashion and the surfing industry. Although Daniella lives in Ventura now, Encinitas will always hold a special place in her heart. “Moving from Lima, it was a bit hard to find my ground around in North County, and Encinitas made me feel at home.”

x_artistdaniella4Daniella finds inspiration for her art from things that make her feel joyful, like going to the beach, traveling, and her son Noah, who she says is her “biggest inspiration.” Mediums used in her artwork vary from gouache and acrylics to ink pens and digital – sometimes all at once. Daniella’s portfolio spans across fashion, retail, interior design, youth culture, and media. You’re just as likely to encounter one of her murals in a café in Peru as you are to see her original artwork on a piece of clothing hanging in your closet. Her first showing was at the Pannikin in Encinitas in 2008, and she recently had a showing at FERN in Leucadia, where she plans to have another show this year. Until then, she will keep creating art and hopes to someday sell her work around the world. “Becoming an artist was always in me, but I believe it is still a work in progress,” Daniella said. “You never stop learning and growing, and that is exciting.” Discover more at