by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Zest for Life

family_migalko7Although Nadya Migalko and Greg Shockro met in North San Diego County 13 years ago while Nadya attended UCSD, it wasn’t until three years ago that their relationship truly blossomed. “We were both in separate relationships and remained friends until we became a couple,” related Nadya. She and her young son Edgar lived in the New York City area at the time, but the duo moved back to San Diego after Nadya and Greg fell in love. Just over a year and a half ago, the three welcomed little Emmylou to the family. “The kids are awesome together and make each other laugh with their silliness every day,” Nadya shared. Edgar, a six-year-old master Lego builder who enjoys spending time outdoors with his friends, started kindergarten at Ocean Knoll Elementary School in the fall. His little sister, who already loves animals, recently began attending LePort Montessori in Solana Beach.

Parents: Nadya Migalko and Gregory Shockro
Children: Edgar Sky Laine (6) and Emmylou Shockro (1.5)
Community: Encinitas
Hometowns: Nadya – Uzhgorod, Ukraine; Gregory – Pasadena, CA
Profession: Nadya – artist; Gregory – film finance
Pets: Teddy Bear the Shih Tzu and Jack and Bailey the Chihuahuas
Favorite Spots in 92024: San Diego Botanic Garden, Self-Realization Fellowship Hermitage & Meditation Gardens, Encinitas Community Park, 101 Mainstreet


family_migalko5Both Nadya and Greg have a love for the arts, their careers reflecting this passion. Nadya is a fine art film photographer and helps run a community-based art studio that recently opened in downtown Encinitas. “The space is called Art Lounge on 101 and was founded by two amazing women, Cindy Blumkin and Nancy Walter,” Nadya explained proudly. Greg, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, founded a company in 2014 that specializes in financing film tax credits in Louisiana, New York, and Canada. He has also been an executive producer on 15 independent films.

family_migalko3The Migalko-Shockro family enjoys adventure, both around the globe and right in their own backyard. “We love to travel and experience different places and cultures, learn new languages, and eat lots of yummy food wherever we go,” revealed Nadya, who was born in Ukraine and moved to the Los Angeles area with her parents when she was nine years old. She and Greg both have traveled the world, and while they thoroughly enjoy visiting new locales, they are happy to have settled in Encinitas. According to Nadya, Greg’s favorite spot on the planet is the Del Mar racetrack, and as a family they love dining out at local neighborhood eateries, going to the beach, playing at local parks, and hanging out at the San Diego Botanic Garden.