Celebration Concert

The Encinitas Arts, Culture and Ecology Alliance officially dubbed its new prospective facility as the Pacific View Academy of Arts with a benefit concert held at The Studio Encinitas. The free celebration was the organization’s way of thanking supporters and bringing awareness to the community of the project’s progress. The ecological theme of the event was water quality, both for drinking and a clean ocean. There was a presentation by Wildcoast about the Swami’s State Marine Conservation Area that runs from Moonlight Beach to Tide Park at Seaside, and Sun Horse Energy offered natural energy drink tinctures and served different types of water. The six performers – who also organized the concert – were all young singer-songwriters from Encinitas: Ashley Mazanec, Kennedy Tracy, Lizzie Waters, Raena Jade, Sophie Wolf, and Grace Humphrey. According to Encinitas Arts, Culture and Ecology Alliance President Garth Murphy, the best part of the concert was “to be able to showcase the depth and quality of Encinitas’ young musical talent pool and watch the appreciative audience embrace them.”

Pacific View Academy of Arts will be a cultural arts resource destination and self-sustaining educational/showcase venue for the entire range of art talent in Encinitas, bringing together fine, folk, commercial, cultural, and technical arts at the new campus. Programs will offer teaching and learning opportunities in interconnected fields as diverse as organic permaculture, guitar and singing, writing and publishing, 3D printing, film, fashion, painting, advertising, website design, dance, basket weaving, theater, solar energy, and culinary arts. To get involved with the project visit www.savepacificview.org or email eaceAaliance@gmail.com.