by SHYANNE LOPEZ | photos provided by VEG

Growing Veggies Just Got Easy

Local Startup VEG Makes it Super Simple to Grow Fresh Veggies at Home

mp_veg2For many, the idea of having access to farm fresh veggies without a trip to the market sounds like a dream – an unlikely one at that. It seems all the more unlikely for those who have neither the yard nor the time for an elaborate garden. That’s where VEG, a unique gardening subscription service, comes in with a solution. VEG offers seasonal memberships that provide a garden, starter plants, and supplies to San Diego residents. Most importantly, VEG makes growing veggies easy. “Too often people are intimidated or frustrated with attempting to grow at home. We are making it simple and approachable,” said Mark DeMitchell, VEG co-founder.

The business originally created gardens for restaurants, but the team – co-founders Mark DeMitchell and Michael Tarzian, and managing partner Cody Becker – saw the opportunity to fulfill a need when they began receiving calls from people inquiring about gardens for their home. VEG’s subscription format was then created, allowing members to easily receive in-season plants right at their front door. Rather than go to a hardware store and walk out even more confused, VEG members can order everything straight from their website, have it delivered, and plant with confidence knowing the veggies were personally curated.

“We grow with people every step of the way.” – Mark DeMitchell, Co-Founder

mp_veg4The two memberships currently offered are “Grow a Little” or “Grow a Lot.” The size and style of the garden depends on which membership is chosen. The gardens themselves focus on simplicity and are low-maintenance compared to typical soil gardens. They require only a few minutes of maintenance a week and can be planted in under 10 minutes, allowing members to garden without becoming full-time farmers. In addition to the garden, VEG members become part of a community. “Every week we send you updates, tips, and instructions to ensure a successful harvest,” said Mark. “We grow with people every step of the way.”


While summer VEG memberships have already sold out, aspiring growers can still secure a spot for the fall season, which begins the first week of September. With limited fall memberships available, you’re encouraged to sign up soon through the VEG website to have farm fresh produce at your fingertips.


Name of Business: VEG
Owners: Mark DeMitchell, Michael Tarzian, and Cody Becker
Year of Establishment: 2015
Phone: 760-809-8845
Description of Business: VEG is a home gardening subscription that makes it easy to grow veggies at home with simple gardens and seasonal veggie plants shipped right to your door, along with weekly tips and instructions.