Helping Horses

x_horserescue2Saving Horses, Inc. (SHI) is an Encinitas-based organization that rescues horses from dangerous situations and provides them with a better quality of life. Since its formation in 2007, SHI has helped rescue more than 175 horses, including retired racehorses and pregnant mares. While the organization strives to rehabilitate and re-home each horse they rescue, those deemed unadoptable remain in SHI’s care.

Recently, the rescue has formed a relationship with a counselor who utilizes the sanctuary horses for therapeutic growth and development programs. They also have welcomed a mental health specialist, who has created a horse-led therapy program that will help individuals who suffer from PTSD, addiction, and other emotional and social trauma.

x_horserescue3SHI is looking to further expand their therapy programs by launching the Special Therapy Applying Riding Skills (STARS) program. The program will be conducted by Lori Piccirillo, who led a therapeutic riding program at Helen Woodward Animal Center for nine years. “Initially, we intend to offer therapeutic riding to children suffering from physical, mental, and developmental disabilities,” explained SHI Founder and President Audrey Reynolds. “We would like to extend this to veterans and their families at some stage in the future.”

While the organization doesn’t yet have a set start date for the program, they are confident it will begin sometime in 2016. In order to make the dream a reality they will need volunteers and donations from the community. To help their cause, they will hold their 2nd Annual Wine & Beer Tasting Gala in September. Visit to learn more about how to get involved with the organization.