Recently, 150 dads and daughters came together to build a 13,491-foot glow stick chain in hopes of breaking the world record, which is currently 6,301 feet. Everyone that participated is part of Coyote Nation, one of five princess adventure groups run by Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA. The project took place at the YMCA Camp Marston in Julian. The campout was hosted by the Bobcat Tribe, one of 10 tribes that make up the Coyote Nation.

The chain took an hour and a half and 10,150 glowsticks to complete. Data and evidence from their chain is currently under review by Guiness World Record, with an answer expected soon.”It was fun to see the whole nation of dads and daughters working together with excitement from being part of something big,” said Bobcat Tribe Co-Chief Chris Riddle. “It was also fun to tear it all apart later that night and have a glow stick party.”