by SPENCER MAUSETH, D.D.S., Encinitas Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

The Amazing and “Not Scary” Dental Visit

adv_encinitaspediatric2As parents we have a great responsibility to care for our children. Taking kids to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary thing. An amazing dental experience can happen for your child. It happens every day in our pediatric dental office.

Here are a few tips that will get you and your child started off on the right foot at the dentist:

Early visits are key. Scheduling your child’s dental visit by their first birthday can provide a lowkey time for you to get to know your child’s dentist and express any dental concerns.

Simple is best. Questions will arise and inevitably something your child has heard will be vocalized. “Making the teeth sparkle” and “checking for sugar bugs” are a few fun ways to simplify the process.

Practice at home. Reading books and setting aside some time to play “dentist” will do wonders for your little one.

Be flexible in your expectations. Some fussing is normal, and many times it’s just the newness of everything that has them concerned.

Choose a happy dentist. The dentist you choose is very important. They can set the tone and will make all the difference in how your child views oral health care.

Have a contagious smile. How you approach these visits will translate into how your child’s attitude towards dental care is shaped. These hints and tips, coupled with a great outlook, will be a gift that your children will have for years, along with one amazing cavity-free smile!