by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Java Duo


Scott MacBride and his father Tim have always been a great team. “We’ve always done well together, whether it is traveling, sports, or working on projects. It’s been fun translating that into a business,” stated Scott, co-founder of Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee. According to Scott, Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee started small with a booth at the Leucadia Farmers Market in late 2014 and officially launched in January 2015. Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee is now sold at many locations throughout north coastal San Diego County. “In the short term, we are always trying to provide the best possible product to all our customers and retailers, while also trying to grow and make Jupiter available in more locations. In the long term, we would love to expand throughout the West Coast and beyond,” revealed Scott. He and Tim are also committed to adding more products to the Jupiter Cold Brew line, and working directly in the countries with the farmers who grow the coffee. It is their ultimate goal to make the entire process transparent to their customers and retailers.faces_macbride2

Names: Tim and Scott MacBride
Professions: Founders of Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee; Tim – Real Estate Appraiser
Community: Leucadia
Interests: Surfing, soccer, traveling, spicy food
Favorite Local Spots: Grandview, Swami’s, Just Peachy, Fish 101, Mozy Cafe, Kotija Jr.

faces_macbride4The inspiration for this father-son duo is actually quite simple – they saw an opportunity to do something new at an exciting time in the coffee industry, and they decided to go for it. “Cold brew coffee is a healthier alternative to traditional coffee. It’s smoother, less acidic, and organic,” explained Scott, who is also quick to point out that Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee follows a sustainable business model and is very environmentally conscious.

One of the biggest joys for both Scott and Tim is the ability to run their business from the Leucadia area. Scott was born in Encinitas, and then moved with his father, mother, and sister to Atascadero, CA, in San Luis Obispo County. Scott returned to San Diego in 2008 to attend UC San Diego. Tim returned to the area in 2010. They both love the North County beaches, but especially love the local vibe and the people. “The Leucadia-Encinitas area has been exceptionally supportive of our local business and everyone here has been so willing to try a new product. The customers, along with local business owners, and the Leucadia, Cardiff, and Encinitas Main Street Associations have made it all possible,” said Scott.