by LYDIA COBB | photos by Soul of Photography

Embracing the Encinitas Vibe

talent_david2Musician Zack David’s first year in Encinitas has been a boon. “I had a feeling this was the type of community that embraces local talent,” reflected Zack. His genre is folk music, ranging from fingerpicking folk ballads to folk-rock anthems. Masters like Bob Dylan inspire him, as do newer musicians like Sarah Jarosz. Whether playing solo or in a band, Zack underscored, “I just play from the heart. If it’s not coming from the heart, why do it?” He plays at Leucadia Farmers Market, coffee houses, and has even loaned his musical talent to Peruvian Cumbia dances, house parties, and funerals. “A lot of my songwriting is done at places like the beach, the meditation gardens, parks, and the bus and train,” added Zack.

Originally from the Midwest, Zack discovered acoustic guitar, along with his best friend, while in high school. His heavy metal days gradually transformed into singer-songwriter bands and projects. After graduating from Minnesota State University Mankato were he studied communications, Spanish, and sociology, he joined the Peace Corps and was assigned to work with youth in Peru for three years. “The majority of my work had to do with inspiring children and teaching them that they could achieve what they want if they work for it and believe,” mentioned Zack. “I guess I brainwashed myself into believing the same thing!” Without a consistent internet connection, Zack was free of distraction and could focus on his music career.

talent_david4He met his wife, Yumi, in Lima during his first week of training. They visited over the years while he was stationed on the northern coast, and eventually became engaged. Yumi, a graphic designer, moved from Peru last year and they were married in June. The newlyweds enjoy Saturday breakfast picnics on the beach, thrift shopping, “and just bumming around on our bikes,” added Zack, when they’re not jamming with musicians and hanging out with two of his three sisters who had moved to Carlsbad and San Diego prior to Zack.

A new album will soon be recorded. Zack also gives singing, guitar, and songwriting lessons, and schedules studio recording sessions for business and personal pursuits. In addition, he freelances gift songs and business jingles. “Being able to connect with people on another level and help them is beautiful,” added Zack. “Music has saved a lot of people’s lives in different ways.” He knows it saved his — as he strums into an upbeat future.


Name: Zachary David
Profession: Freelance musician; owner and sole proprietor of Zack David Music
Community: Encinitas since 2014
Interests: Music, staying active, beach days, sunsets, campfires, traveling, family time, library time, movie nights, bowling, anything fun and interesting!
Favorite Spots in 92024: Moonlight Beach, Leucadia Farmers Market, El Nopalito Restaurant & Tortilleria, the Encinitas Library, Swami’s Cafe