Crafty Jasmine Prince is the founder of Jasmine’s Bunting Co., a small bunting business that allows those who are differently abled to have a place where they can be creative. The studio where Jasmine and her five friends work is located in Sew Inspired, her mom’s Encinitas-based business. They make ribbons and signs for holidays, and with determination, the small operation has turned into something very important. “The buntings help families celebrate special holidays and special moments, and create jobs for my friends with special needs,” Jasmine explained. 

Jasmine’s Bunting Co. lets Jasmine and her friends see each other more often and earn some money to plan trips and things to do. On her ultimate message, Jasmine shared, “There are lots of us young adults who are differently abled but like to work. We hope more people will open their hearts up and when one of us comes to apply for a job, they will hire us.” Learn more at