by LIZ ONUFER | photos provided by Ablantis Dental

Same Day Smiles

cs_ablantis1Where is there a one stop shop for good looks, great health, and a super smile? At Ablantis Dental, Dr. Claudia Cortadi has been helping people look good, feel great, and smile more since 2005.

A graduate from the National University of Córdoba in Argentina, Claudia moved to the U.S. in 1995 and worked under the tutelage of Dr. Chuvnosky in Miami before attaining her U.S. nationality and moving to California. She opened her own practice in San Francisco, but sold it a few years later to focus time on her family and two young children. When Claudia had the opportunity to relocate to San Diego with her two sons and begin her practice in southern California, she took it. She appreciated the proximity of close friends in the area and the wonderful environment to raise her children. In 2005, Claudia reopened her practice in Solana Beach, and in 2013, Ablantis Dental moved to Encinitas.

cs_ablantis3Over the last decade, Claudia’s practice may have changed locations, but her commitment to patients and the community has not wavered. She has been extremely involved in a variety of charities, including Flying Doctors, Dentistry for Humanity, and Christopher’s Foundation.

Claudia’s dedication to patients is evident in her practice and her services. The Ablantis Dental team strives to give their patients a new smile by offering services such as CO2 laser treatments to keep gums healthy and prevent infection. And for patients who would like a brand new smile in just one day, Ablantic Dental offers their CAD Smiles “Same Day Smile” makeover – which means a brand new you in just one appointment. “We create long relationships with our patients. We strive to make them look their best but most importantly keep them healthy, and we care for the best interest of our patients,” Claudia explained. Offering services from dental implants to crowns and re-contouring, Claudia and her staff stay on top of the newest advances and technology in dental care. “I have a passion for dentistry and believe that education is a lifelong process that we are committed to everyday,” she acknowledged.

“Patients can expect to leave the office with a better, brighter version of themselves.”


In order to serve the needs of all her patients, Ablantis Dental offers top quality care for an affordable price. Their focus is what Claudia explained as, “an example of customer service at its best. Patients can expect to leave the office with a better, brighter version of themselves.”


Name of Business: Ablantis Dental
Owner/Manager: Claudia Cortadi
Years in Position: 10
Year of Establishment: 2005
Address: 351 Santa Fe Dr. Suite 110, Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-334-0128
Description of Business: Ablantis Dental’s main purpose is to keep their patients healthy. They aim to educate their patients in preventive dental care, and if patients want to feel their best, Ablantis Dental’s team uses advanced technology to create Hollywood smiles in just one visit with their Same Day Smiles services.