Celebrating Japanese Culture

The Encinitas Library honored Japanese heritage by hosting its 6th Annual Japan Festival. The festival specifically celebrated Amakusa, Japan, which is Encinitas’ sister city through Sister Cities International, an organization dedicated to advancing and promoting good will by developing relationships between cities. The festival, planned and hosted by the Encinitas Library in partnership with the City of Encinitas, included exciting cultural performances featuring groups such as the Koto, Shakuhachi & Piano Trio, and The Harmonies: Japanese Choral Group. Throughout the afternoon Japanese culture was highlighted with a Kimono fashion show, a tea ceremony demonstration, Japanese-themed books, movies, and music. Festival attendees also had the opportunity to participate in giveaways, raffles, and more. Towards the end of the celebration guests were even greeted by Amakusa city officials via Skype. For information about how to get involved with the Encinitas Sister City Program call the Encinitas Parks and Recreation Department at 760-633-2740.