by LYDIA COBB | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Putting Students First

Rancho Encinitas Academy and Edison Academy Give Students the Skills to Excel Socially and Academically

mp_ranchoencinitas2Rancho Encinitas Academy and Edison Academy have helped children overcome learning obstacles and pursue college and successful careers since 1990. Edison Academy is a private school within Rancho Encinitas Academy. It was founded by the late Linda Wulle, a recognized special education teacher who ran an education therapy practice in North County. She opened Edison in 1990 as “a school for kids who learn differently.” Five years later Linda and her husband, Paul Wulle, a prominent school educator, were called to open Rancho Encinitas Academy, in which students from Edison could transition into a more traditional school environment.

mp_ranchoencinitas4“One of the goals of the Edison Academy is to create a love of learning,” shared Edison Academy Director Karey Jaeger. “Edison emphasizes accountability, responsibility, independence, and kindness.” Third through eighth graders with mild to moderate learning challenges receive specialized academic instruction. Curriculum follows Common Core Standards. Research-based instruction in reading, writing, and math is individualized or delivered in small groups. Interactive white boards and computers enhance technology in the classroom. With the whole child in focus, students also engage in art, music, yoga, and social skills and physical fitness classes. Once they are ready for a more traditional school environment, Edison students can transition to Rancho Encinitas Academy. Along the way, frequent parental communication on student progress is delivered.

“Our focus is on educating the whole child.”

The mission of Rancho Encinitas Academy is to nurture each student’s natural wonder and joy of learning. “Our focus is on educating the whole child,” shared Paul Wulle, Rancho Encinitas Academy Owner and Director. “We empower children and help them thrive. We teach our students to be self-reliant, work together, self-advocate, and to make a difference in the school, community, and beyond.”

mp_ranchoencinitas3Academy teachers hold master’s degrees and/or teaching credentials and most have been in the education field for more than 20 years. They possess the skills to identify areas in which students excel and where they struggle. “The school strives to provide a child-centered education that emphasizes the process of learning while building a strong academic foundation,” added Paul.

Prospective students and their parents are encouraged to visit the campus to see classes in session and to meet with the directors and teachers. It’s Paul’s vision, shared by the school’s educators, that all children can be successful.


Names of Schools: Rancho Encinitas Academy and Edison Academy
Owners: Paul and Verna Wulle
Directors: Paul Wulle – Rancho Encinitas Academy; Karey Jaeger – Edison Academy
Assistant Director: Verna Wulle
Year of Establishment: Edison Academy – 1990; Rancho Encinitas Academy – 1995
Address: 910 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-924-2011
Description of Schools: A balanced curriculum based on grade-level standards that includes differentiated instruction, project-based, and traditional academic approaches to learning. Specialized academic instruction takes place in each classroom. This instruction is focused on helping every Academy student reach his or her full personal and academic potential.