by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Planning for the Future

student_brant3Haile Brant is proud to have grown up in Encinitas. “Everyone is friendly, active, and welcoming, and it’s this perfect little beach escape that’s just popular enough, but not so well-known that it has lost its unique personality,” said Haile. Currently, this 20-year-old is a junior at the University of South Carolina. While she loves her college experience so far, there are many things she misses about her hometown – family, friends, the beach, and the “fun, free vibe” that, in her opinion, embodies Encinitas.


Name: Haile Brant
School: University of South Carolina, Columbia
Year: Junior
Parents: Shanon Brant and Carmela Arstill
Sibling: Cole Brant (18)
Favorite Places in Encinitas: Stone Steps, Moonlight Beach, D Street, Union Kitchen, Nektar


student_brant2At the University of South Carolina Haile is majoring in hospitality and tourism management, with a focus on event planning. “I love my major as it is really hands-on and I get to coordinate events, menus, and photo shoots. In fact, in my wedding planning class, we had the opportunity to plan and execute an actual wedding from start to finish,” related Haile, who also has double minors in business and public relations. She is very dedicated to academics, having made President’s List for the past three semesters. Haile credits her experience at San Dieguito Academy with preparing her for college and allowing her to flourish academically. “My experience at San Dieguito Academy (SDA) was amazing! It is such a unique school where you have so many opportunities to tailor what you are learning to your strengths and interests. The school climate, as well as many of the instructors, really helped me to tap into my creative side,” revealed Haile.

“It would be amazing to be able to start establishing myself in my career back in my hometown.”

student_brant4When she is not in the classroom, Haile can often be found working at the University of South Carolina’s student fitness and wellness center. “I also love to read, play soccer and field hockey – I hope to join intramural teams this year – and road trip locally to Charleston and Charlotte, both of which have great places to eat brunch and shop,” stated Haile. Although she certainly misses home, Haile is taking full advantage of living on the east coast, meeting people from all over the country and traveling to New York, Baltimore, Tennessee, and Florida.

Looking to the future, Haile is excited to study abroad in Vienna, Austria during the spring 2016 semester. And once she graduates from college, her plan is to return to Southern California to begin her career in the hospitality industry. “It would be amazing to be able to start establishing myself in my career back in my hometown,” said Haile.