Encinitas resident Dennis Lynch published his first book based off of his experiences traveling to Baghdad and directing the television coverage for Saddam Hussein’s trials. The memoir is titled Shooting Saddam in reference to the broadcast of the trial. Shooting Saddam is more than a story about Saddam Hussein and primarily focuses on the history and mindset behind the events occurring in the country of Iraq today. It gives readers a firsthand look at what it is like to travel to a country at war, participate in a historical event, and observe.

Dennis has received positive feedback of his humorous and offbeat adventure. “Having readers tell me how much they enjoyed the book, how it moved them, and seeing readers’ reviews is very gratifying,” expressed Dennis. “People keep saying ‘I’m at the fun part.’” Dennis, who has covered a variety of well-known trials, is currently writing a short-story series on some of his favorites. For more information visit www.dennislynch.net.