Art Exhibit Tells Nature’s Story Through Glass

Dan McStocker saw a glassblowing demonstration at a renaissance fair when he was just eight years old and instantly became mesmerized by the art form. Fourteen years later, he was inspired to begin working with glass at Palomar College. His passion has since evolved from just working with glass, to glass sculpting. After taking workshops with some of the top glass sculptors in the world, Dan has decided to display his own work in an exclusive exhibit that will run from July 16 to Sept. 3 at the Encinitas Community Center. Dan shared, “This is my first gallery exhibit, so I am really excited to see the public’s response to my work. We have done open house events at our private glass studio for years, but this is my first time taking my glass outside our studio for display.”

The gallery will be titled Elemental Narratives and essentially will portray nature’s story told through glass. The exhibit will utilize glass, wood, and metal to examine the elemental world. Nature, animals, and Native American iconography are the primary focus. Dan will have an open house at the gallery Aug. 2 from 1 to 4 p.m. to greet guests and answer any questions about his work and the exhibit. Dan’s studio also offers free open houses where visitors can observe and learn more about the glass blowing process. For more information on Dan’s work visit