by Michelle Tremblay | photo by Soul of Photography

This Encinitas-Based Band Helps to Liven Up the San Diego Community

Siblings Tracey and Mike Stockalper share more than just DNA; they both are passionate about music. The talented brother-sister team started a band a few years back. “Around 2011, when I moved back to Encinitas, Tracey and I started gigging together a bit, playing mostly cover songs at local restaurants,” recalled Mike. “Eventually we got tired of playing just cover songs and started putting together our own originals.” Soon after, the duo produced their first record and came up with a name for their group: Mango Melody. “The name was an attempt to capture the mood our music is intended to provide: fun, sweet, and highly melodic,” described Mike.


Today, the band considers its style to be pop with jazz, rock, and soul influences. Its members consist of Tracey, Mike, and two friends, Tim Hart and Tim Grenda. “Grenda rocks it on drums and percussions, while Hart lays it down on the bass,” explained Mike. “They’ve meant a lot to the band, giving us a nice full sound on live shows.”

Band Members: Tracey Stockalper (Vocals); Mike Stockalper (Guitar and Piano); Tim Grenda (Drums and Percussion); Tim Hart (Bass)
Occupations: Tracey – Yoga Studio Owner/Instructor; Mike – Music School Owner/Teacher; Tim Grenda – Digital Marketing Agency; Tim Hart – Golf Instructor
Community: Encinitas
Group Hobbies: Yoga, movies, traveling, going out to eat, and staring into space
Favorite Local Spots: Le Papagayo, Wine Steals, Zenbu

As for the start of Tracey and Mike’s musical careers, they each began on a slightly different note. “All of my training has been through practicing on my own, learning guitar and piano by ear and the internet, and evolved from just writing poetry and singing along to other people’s music,” shared Tracey. “The first time I considered an actual ‘career’ in music was when my mentor in college, local legend and Grammy Award-winner Kamau Kenyatta, told me I had what it took to be a professional musician,” recalled Mike. “Not long after that I started gigging. I’ve been gigging ever since and now teach music full time too!”

Outside of Mango Melody, Tracey too has another career. “Our family owns and operates Yoga Tropics in downtown Encinitas,” stated Tracey. “I’ve been teaching since 2006. We are very much connected to the Encinitas community on a daily basis (beyond playing our music).”


Mango Melody has played at such San Diego venues as House of Blues, Belly Up, Encinitas Street Fair, Wine Steals, and many more. They look forward to their upcoming summer gigs at the Del Mar Fair and Stone Brewery. “People should definitely come check us out. We’re quite friendly,” joked Tracey and Mike.

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