by kelley gusich | photo by Soul of Photography

La Costa Canyon Student Erin Hardin Has Learned to Embrace Her Opinions and Ideas

student_hardin2Erin Hardin’s family moved here from Las Vegas, NV five years ago for better educational opportunities for Erin and her brother Brett. Erin likes it for what she calls “the same for every new Californian, the beach and weather!” she laughed. “I love Encinitas because of the little things that make up the town, such as the store Queen Eileen’s on the 101 and Moonlight Beach which I have made so many memories at.”

Speech and Debate has been a focus for Erin, where she participates in Lincoln Douglas and Parliamentary at her school, La Costa Canyon. Joining the team has given her the opportunity to meet people with the same ambitions as herself. “What I like most about speech and debate is the people,” she confided. “My teammates have taught me to be confident and embrace my opinions and ideas.” Erin describes the people on her team as family and emphasizes the many ways she has grown since she started. “I have learned not to care what others think and to be myself, even if that means choosing a debate tournament in Long Beach over a mall trip with friends.” She plans to keep taking the class and looks forward to being involved with the team through her entire high school career.

Name: Erin Hardin (16)
School: La Costa Canyon High School
Grade: 10
Parents: Drew and Nicole Hardin
Sibling: Brother – Brett (14)
Favorite Places in Encinitas: The 101 by Moonlight Beach

“My favorite subject is English,” Erin shared. “I love English because it gives me the chance to write down my thoughts and ideas in a creative and entertaining way.” Over the summer she read one 200-page book every day for four days in a row. “I love reading because it provides me with an escape into a different world,” she explained, “full of deeply thought-out characters and plot twists that make the book impossible to put down.”

“What I like most about speech and debate is the people. My teammates have taught me to be confident and embrace my opinions and ideas.”

Outside of school Erin loves soccer, hanging out with friends, and volunteering when she can. She is currently in the Study Buddies program, which involves weekly meetings with elementary school students to help them with homework. She is inspired by the band One Direction because they are very involved in the community and have taught her to work hard for what she wants. Erin wants to pursue a business degree in college because she’d like to start a business to help others. “I’m not sure how I will do it,” she mused, “but all I know is I want to help people.”