by ELISE GOUT | photo by Tyler McElhaney

Spring Forward

Spring break. Two words. Eleven letters. Thousands of students rejoicing in the sweet, sweet relief. In more ways than one it marks the final stretch of the school year. AP tests are just around the corner and so is – I can’t believe I’m saying it – graduation.

Lately, event after event has crowded the SDA calendar, from this year’s Theatre for a Cause production, Of Mice and Men, to Senior Olympics. Jazz concerts to sports games. Truthfully, spring break was less of a “break” and more of a brief respite from the many exciting things in the works, including “A Night in Italy,” the huge collaboration within SDA’s visual and performing arts department.

Among the student body there is a particularly intense, vibrating energy. Sure, part of it is from the warming weather (admittedly, it’s not our place to say that we ever “endured” winter). But a larger part of it is from simply enjoying what is left in this year. With college acceptances now out, everyone in the senior class is beginning to decide on where they will be furthering their education. In a simple sentence: things are falling into place. That frightening, abstract concept commonly referred to as “the future” is slowly but surely gaining definition, and there is a solace to be taken in that.

It’s really easy, at this point, to start getting overly nostalgic about everything: the friendships, the teachers, and the classes. But we still have several months to go – and the class of 2015 has every intention of making them the most memorable yet.

Elise Gout is a senior at San Dieguito Academy. She is participating in an internship program with 92024 Magazine and can be contacted at