by Linda frabl | photos by Soul of Photography

“Paint Encinitas” founder

artist_jaxJax Meyers is a vibrant Leucadia resident in her 20s whose strong desire to embellish her beloved surroundings with unique street art has resulted in her founding the “Paint Encinitas” organization in 2014. She elaborated, “Our mission is to creatively unite the community, the artists, and the local businesses to install stunning, thought-provoking works of art in the public eye.”

Her mural-planning seeds were sown while Jax was helping at-risk students as a community service coordinator for City Year Philadelphia AmeriCorps upon her graduation from UCLA. She explained, “In that role I had the privilege of organizing murals in the school and organizing other local community events. At the time, I had no idea it would inform what I do today.”

Homesick for the laid-back SoCal lifestyle, Jax left Philly and moved back to Leucadia, where her family has lived since 2000. She began working at Hansen Surfboards, her former employer during her La Costa Canyon High School days. Because she was car-less, Jax skateboarded to work every day. Though she loved skating past all the new sights in her community, Jax realized, “After a while, the blank walls started to stick out and I got this idea in my head: why doesn’t Encinitas have a mural arts program?”

Name: Jax Meyers
Profession: Communications and Outreach Associate
Community: Leucadia since 2000
Hobbies: Mural arts
Favorite Local Spots: 
Grandview Beach, Lotus Café, and San Diego Botanic Gardens


So Jax boldly walked into the building that houses the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association, whose aim is to promote the Historic Leucadia North Coast Highway 101 corridor, and told the staff that she wanted to organize the construction of local murals. They encouraged her and Paint Encinitas was conceived! The volunteer-led organization has helped construct three murals: “Remember California,” by Skye Walker on the north wall of the Royal Liquor store in Leucadia; “Natural Rhythms and Cycles,” by Taylor Gallegos on an electrical box at the EUSD Farm Lab; and “Encinitas Harmony,” by Micaiah Hardison on the Moonlight Beach 7-Eleven. The organization also supports countless artists and produces art shows in alternative spaces.

Discussing the importance of incorporating provocative art into our society, Jax exclaimed, “When art sticks out everyone knows about it and it creates a buzz. That buzz leads to a conversation. That conversation leads to the awakening of a new perspective. And ultimately that new perspective has the opportunity to transform the way we look at the world!”

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