by ELISE GOUT | photo by Tyler McElhaney

The Final Semester

When you ask around, there are essentially two kinds of senior class schedules. Either the “I’m taking yoga, sculpture, culinary arts, and a free fourth” schedule, or the “I have to cram in another four APs to make sure my transcripts look impressive to colleges” schedule. To those with the latter: you have everyone’s sincerest sympathy.

The tradition of senioritis is very much alive and well, though given the dedication of the student body you almost wouldn’t believe it so. Our Mustang Minds academic team is in the thick of their season, soccer, and basketball games are being hosted weekly, and students are tackling Of Mice and Men for this year’s Theatre for a Cause. There is a surprisingly vivacious energy on campus, as though everyone wants to leave their impression on the school while they still have the chance.

The changing of the guards, so to speak, is fast approaching. Eighth graders recently explored SDA at Making the Choice Night and it’s crazy knowing that a good number of them will make up next year’s freshman class. Even club presidents are looking at their calendars for when to hold officer elections.

Overall, the phrase “second semester, senior year” carries this ring to it – like ceremonial trumpets mixed with a dozen fire alarms. (Who would have thought that it was possible to feel simultaneously relieved and nervous?) High school graduation is simply not an event that any of us at SDA have had experience dealing with, yet we are carrying on and looking forward to our futures ahead.

Elise Gout is a senior at San Dieguito Academy. She is participating in an internship program with 92024 Magazine and can be contacted at