Sholeh Ashtiani
SholehActress, singer, painter, and sculptor Sholeh Ashtiani is a visual artist who finds inspiration in the gracefulness of dance. “In each piece I try to convey an emotion or mood,” she expressed. Sholeh’s sculpture can be seen at the Encinitas Civic Center Gallery through March 15. For more information on the artist visit

Cathy Carey – Colorful California
Cathy_CareyCathy Carey will have her colored paintings on display through May 10, with an art reception on March 5 at E Gallery 101. Cathy’s style is a blend of impressionist brush strokes, vivid expressive color, and symbolic images that impart a sense of emotion. “I combine colors and shapes to feel like the pulse between music and dancers,” she shared. Visit for more information.

Tom Leedy
Tom_Leedy_1_-_Triola_-_hi_resLocal 92024 resident Tom Leedy’s one-man show at the Encinitas Civic Center Gallery will run through March 12. Tom’s focus is on the human and animal forms. “My objective is to do something that will catch a viewer’s attention, something that will be visually appealing and thought-provoking, enough to make them want to look again and again,” he shared. See more at

Carole Mayne – Celebration of Spring
Carole_MayneCarole Mayne’s art exhibit, Celebration of Spring, will be on display at the Encinitas Library through March 10. Carole’s love for capturing light and shadow patterns with oil paints has always called her throughout life. “Exploring the subtleties of color nuances and temperatures has forged my course throughout my career,” she shared. Refer to for more details.

David Wiemers – I Dare You Not to Smile
The Last Thing the Spider Ever SawThe artwork of David Wiemers will be featured in I Dare You Not to Smile at the Encinitas Community Center through March 19. According to David, the artwork “celebrates pop culture and life’s funny moments.” David reinvented himself as an oil painting artist after working in Hollywood as a writer/producer. Visit to learn more.