by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Soul of Photography

A Love for Horses

One day, while Jeanie Kennedy was making her way through the checkout line at Jimbo’s grocery store, she noticed a donation box to a charity called Laughing Pony Rescue. “I put my nickel in and went straight home to find out more,” recalled Jeanie. “I emailed and then met Celia at the ranch two days later. The rest is history.”

Since that time, Jeanie – who resides in Leucadia with her husband and two stepdaughters – has become a passionate volunteer for Laughing Pony Rescue, a nonprofit organization committed to rescuing and rehabilitating sick, abused, and abandoned horses. Founded by Celia Sciacca, the organization’s mission is to not only rescue horses and find them loving homes, but to also bring public awareness to the drawbacks of overbreeding horses.

volunteer02Some of Jeanie’s volunteer responsibilities include cleaning the stalls, feeding the horses, and providing the horses with clean water, exercise, and, of course, love. “We all pitch in to do whatever Celia needs on any given day,” said Jeanie. “Every day, Celia is out with the horses at sun up and doesn’t leave until sun down. We are there to help her with anything she asks.”

Jeanie added that the group always has a need for more volunteers. “New volunteers should know that there is hard work involved when caring for horses, and it’s not all just brushing and riding,” stated Jeanie. “Just send the ranch an email. Celia would love to hear from anybody with a passion to help.”

When asked about her biggest volunteering accomplishment, Jeanie replied, “The fact that Celia has made this rescue possible and I was lucky enough to find her and help her and the horses is the very best reward. The ranch is like magic and full of kindness and giving.” She added, “It is so rewarding to go out to the ranch and know that you have helped these magnificent horses have another happy and safe day. They have been through so much sadness. I love being there to care for their well-being and sharing in their triumphs as Celia works to rehabilitate them.”

Group: Laughing Pony Rescue
Mission: To rescue and rehabilitate sick, abused, and abandoned horses of any breed.

Name: Jeanie Kennedy
Community: Leucadia
Volunteer Affiliation: Laughing Pony Rescue
Occupation: Owner of Forward Packaging, based in Carlsbad
Family: Husband – Adam Arolla; Stepdaughters – Kellsie and Tara Arolla
Hobbies: Caring for horses, playing tennis, and running