photo by Epic Photojournalism

The Legacy of Teresa Barth

“Government can’t and shouldn’t be expected to do everything. There will be many challenges ahead, but I know that by working together we can accomplish great things,” reflected Teresa Barth when asked about the future of the City of Encinitas. The former city council member, whose term ended on Dec. 9, looks back on her service proudly stating, “I see a body of work that reflects my core values: honesty, social equity, environmental sustainability, and fiscal responsibility.” Barth’s mission has always been to work for the greatest good, and her commitment to service has paved the way for more improvements and opportunities within the community.

A desire to establish a stronger environmental voice for the City and a more conducive atmosphere at City Hall impelled her to run for city council. One of her first efforts was to support the creation of a permanent Environmental Advisory Commission. She also greatly increased the amount of time allotted for public input on city issues. “Under my leadership as mayor we doubled the time set aside for public comment at council meetings and recently adopted a Communications Plan to promote transparency, accountability, understanding, and civic engagement,” explained Barth. Barth was named a 76th Assembly Woman of the Year Nominee and was also recognized by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for her dedication to the best ideals of public service.

Barth did not seek re-election this year, however she will continue to serve as a public servant. Looking towards the future, Barth hopes to spend more time with her family members and volunteer with various community organizations to “continue to create positive civic engagement.”