by ELISE GOUT | photo by Tyler McElhaney

Another Year Gone

There are more than a few things that seem a little strange about the new year. For one, having to date papers “2015” is going to be impossibly difficult for all parties involved. But there is also a level of reflection that comes into play that can be a lot to take in – particularly for a high school student. Every missed opportunity at SDA carries just a little bit more poignancy now than it used to.
At this point the waiting game has begun. The majority of kids in the class of 2015 have submitted their final college applications, and as terrifying as constantly having to work on them was, not being able to work on them anymore is worse – so much worse. There is absolutely nothing more that can be done except feign indifference to all of your friends while, in reality, you spend the majority of your time Google imaging the campus of your dream school.

This building uncertainty has only increased the appreciation for SDA’s timeless traditions. Before winter break, students had the opportunity to participate in the school bazaar, selling and buying a vast array of handcrafted items (which conveniently saved those of us who were running behind on the whole “holiday shopping” thing). The One Act Festival also had its annual appearance, showcasing a plethora of works written, directed, and acted in by students. ASB elections were held and a jazz concert took place.

With so many back-to-back events, the past two weeks off have granted students some much-deserved relaxation time. The question now is, as school slowly resumes, who will senioritis claim first?

Elise Gout is a senior at San Dieguito Academy. She is participating in an internship program with 92024 Magazine and can be contacted at