Time Flies

As absent as fall has been, what with this SoCal “sweater weather,” there is no mistaking the usual mixed feelings about leaving the first quarter of SDA behind. Just because grades are online now and not tied to the words “report card” does not mean they’re any less scary.

It seems like only yesterday that everyone was swarming the counseling office trying to change their PE class to yoga. The truth is, the new students and new teachers are already becoming familiar faces.

Within the opening two months of school, the theatre department has concluded its first show and is about ready to open its second. Battle of the Bands has made its annual appearance, providing lunches filled with original music from the students for the students. Athletic teams have hosted and performed exceptionally at a series of tournaments and meets.

Not to mention, twelfth graders have enjoyed their second “Senior Java”, a monthly SDA tradition wherein college hopefuls treat themselves with free bagels and coffee. A special thanks to the parents and businesses that make that day such a beautiful, beautiful thing.

In short, this past quarter has been packed. And it’s been great – it has. But it has also come and gone so quickly that it begs the question: is there a certain right time to start feeling nostalgic?
Someone forgot to let the class of 2015 know.

Elise Gout is a senior at San Dieguito Academy. She is participating in an internship program with 92024 Magazine and can be contacted at