Give & Surf

Nonprofit organizations form part of the fabric of society. They educate children, participate in community service projects, provide guidance, preserve nature, and inspire. Cardiff resident Neil Christiansen sought his own place in the fabric of nonprofit work, desiring to devote his life to helping others. According to Neil, a light bulb moment came to him in a series of quick decisions and realizations and changed his perspective on life. He’d quit his job, travel, and find somewhere he could volunteer and surf. When he couldn’t find an organization that resonated with what he was looking for, he decided to helm his own and Give & Surf was born.

Give & Surf is a locally embedded 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization of volunteers devoted to helping indigenous communities in Bocas del Toro, Panama reach sustainable empowerment through education and community development. As Neil explained, “Our short-term goal is to keep the communities smiling. The long-term goal is to make sure those smiles have a future.” He continued, “If there’s a need, we provide a solution. We do it all.” Give & Surf has brought over 350 volunteers to Panama since 2011, completing over 25,600 hours of community service, and over thirty community projects. They continue to remain steadfast in their goal to empower others and bring happiness, education, assistance, and smiles to Bocas del Toro. Visit or email Neil at to learn how you can get involved.